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Blue suit combinations for a business occasion – Bewakoof Blog

… navy suit, I would suggest grabbing a white shirt or pale blue shirt. This is because these are the two most neutral colours and easiest canvasses to …

with navy blue suit and light blue shirt you can go with dark brown or black or deep blue tie, purple,grey even green colour one also. can try stripes tie …

Light blue shirt / dark blue suit / red tie.

Navy is the new black: what color shirt goes best with a blue suit? – Hockerty

Blue Shirts / Grey Suit Combination

Team a navy suit with a black crew-neck t-shirt for a work

… to check the texture of your shirt , if it’s little glossy then it’s absolutely wearable otherwise matte blue shirts may look dull with a black suit.

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Navy Suits



Dude looks pretty average (and has enormous hands?) but it’s a damn-good example of how to dress.

You can wear maroon shirt with yellow tie, white shirt with orange tie, yellow shirt with red tie, light green shirt with dark green tie, blue shirt with …

(A) Blue Suit Pink Tie Combination

royal blue suit trend

Dark blue mtm-suit with striped shirt and bottle green tie – DRESS

… you could choose the dark color tie, but if you need to attend the casual friends party, you could choose the bright color tie, easy to collocate. hope …

Navy Blue suit and Crisp White Shirt – Bewakoof Blog

A monochromatic combo (dark blue suit, light blue shirt, dark blue tie) that lets people think you have the corner office.

4 Blue Shirt & Checkered Brown 3-Piece Suit

Can You Wear a Dark Blue Shirt With a Navy Suit? : Fashion & Style Tips for Men – YouTube

Blue Suit Pale Blue Shirt

Rami Malek wearing Navy Suit, Navy Dress Shirt, Black Leather Derby Shoes, Black Tie | Men’s Fashion

Handsome man in dark blue suit and white shirt

No matter where you go over the course of the evening, you’ll be White Dress Shirt Light Blue Pocket Square Navy Suit …

Navy suit and burgundy tie