World’S Most Expensive Suit

Forget expensive champagnes and phones, now it’s time to welcome the world’s most expensive suit. Created by Alexander Amosu, luxury designer to the rich …

Zoot suit (US$78,000)

World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Men Suits

Stuart Hughes Most Expensive Suit in the World | Price: $829,250. This suit took 800 hours to create and it is made of cashmere, wool, silk and, …

15 Most Expensive Men’s Suits Brands in the World

…it’s the most expensive suit in the world, an Alexander Amosu. Features gold and pave set diamond buttons and gold and platinum threads.

So what makes a suit so expensive …

world most expensive suit Stuart Hughes

Top 10 Most Expensive Suits In The World

Issey Miyake


most expensive suit in the world

… most expensive suits that money can buy — but if you’re really in the mood to splurge, it’s up to you to get to the designer’s studio to place your …

The world’s most expensive suit has been encrusted with diamonds, said its designer Stuart Hughes

Brioni Vanquish II Suit – $43,000

15 Most Expensive Suits Ever Sold in the World | #14. William Fioravanti (

1. Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition – $892,500. stuart hughes diamond edition. Continue Reading. The world most expensive designer men’s suit …

Top 10 Most Expensive Suits and Tuxedos in the World

… Suit is the only of its kind to ever be auctioned in the United States, which is why August Auctions in New York managed to collect 78 grand for it in …

This one is a very expensive Italian Suit Brand. Gucci is well known for its sense of fashion design. The suits from this brand starts at $2,000.


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